Global Citizenship

The Global Citizens’ Initiative

Bringing together people and organizations to promote the practice of global citizenship and build a values-based, sustainable world community. You can also join today for free.

The Global Citizen Leadership Program

The Global Citizen Leadership Program is a unique and important effort intended to support the practice of global citizenship and support the cultivation of a sustainable world community based on common values. The Program seeks to demonstrate that people in different countries, working together, within and across countries, can make an important contribution to solving global problems that affect the quality of life on our planet. It is therefore not a traditional international development program involving the transfer of resources from wealthy nations to poor nations, but rather a unique global development effort in which citizens from around the world work together to address the common issues that face the planet as a whole.
The Global Citizen Leadership Program focuses on increasing citizen engagement in addressing one such important global issue – human rights. It uses the construct of human rights to answer the following guiding question:

Each individual has a contribution to make to the construction of a more just and peaceful world social order. How do we support institutions to nurture and expand that capacity?

Through the Leadership Program, TGCI and CIE are training and supporting 13 global citizen leaders from 9 countries in designing and implementing activities that
(a) strengthen the engagement of citizens in their countries in addressing a human rights issue and
(b) raise citizen awareness about the links between human rights issues in their countries and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Participants and participating organizations are answering the guiding question in different ways depending on the nature of their organization’s work and the issues that are priorities for their countries.

The Global Citizen Leadership Program is being implemented in three Phases: Phase 1 involved a 10-day skills building workshop for all participants that took place in Amherst, Massachusetts in July, 2012. Phase 2 is a one-year effort that involves the implementation of global citizenship and human rights projects that were designed by each participant during Phase 1. Phase 3 involves an international advocacy effort in which participants will present to international human rights organizations and other concerned stakeholder institutions about their projects related to citizen participation and human rights.

Amherst Declaration on Global Citizenship at

In July 2012, drafted on behalf of people from all countries who view themselves as global citizens and to be delivered to  the leaders of the G-20 nations, the Secretary General of the United Nations and other world leaders. Please sign!


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